Frequently Asked Questions

What does About Freedom do?

About Freedom can assist you modify your home to make it safer and more comfortable.

Enjoy better function and performance. We work in partnership with you in your home, offering flexible and responsive services to enhance freedom for yourself and your family.

Who can benefit from About Freedom’s help?

Our services are tailored to your individual needs, whether you are a person with a disability or specific health needs, an older person in need of advice, a home-owner, home renovator or home builder, commercial builder or developer, architect or designer, small or large business owner, a community-based service organisation or a town planner designing community facilities.

What specific services does About Freedom provide?

About Freedom offers design and installation of home modifications for seniors and people with disability

What is Universal Design?

Universal design features improve function and flexibility in any space or product, with respect for differences in age and ability. About Freedom believes in universal design and the opportunity we as a global community have to greatly enhance the usability of environments and products for ALL people – including people with disabilities, older people, parents with young children, people with temporary mobility problems and their families and carers.

Universal design is about simplifying life for everyone by making products and the built environment more usable by as many people as possible at little or no extra cost. It benefits people of all ages and abilities. Universal design is gathering attention and gaining momentum globally. We hope that one day every designer of the built environment and of consumer products will consider universal design principles just as integrally as the other elements and principles of design.

Why choose About Freedom?

We are keen to assist you in creating environments that meet your goals and enhance your freedom. We treat all personal information with confidentiality. Respect for people is inherent in everything we do.

Privacy Policy

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Contact About Freedom to discuss your specific needs on 1300 907 887 or info@aboutfreedom.com.au